I am a cis settler living on the Haldimand Tract in Kitchener, Ontario, with my partner and my elderly, opinionated cat. I use she/her pronouns. I aspire to read more science fiction than I currently have, but I also struggle with variable chronic fatigue, so I have only a certain amount of energy per day.

I graduated with a BA in English and Women & Gender Studies (with distinction) in 2010, a Book and Magazine Publishing Certificate in 2012, an MA in English in 2015, and a PhD in English in 2021. You can see my list of publications at Academia.edu, and view a more detailed description of my work as a writing tutor, primary instructor of English literature, research assistant, and editor in various capacities throughout my post-secondary career at my LinkedIn page. During this time, I also worked to facilitate writing groups, review peers’ work, and served to organize and moderate at several conferences (both academic and non-).

Before entering graduate school, I was employed as an English teacher (of adult students) in Japan, completed a post-graduate certificate in publishing from Centennial College in Toronto, and worked in the Canadian publishing industry. I have a range of experience from explaining English grammar and phrasing to new speakers, to highlighting the difference between spoken and written English sentence structure and grammar, to writing and reviewing online copy for clarity and cohesion.

I currently am a contract research assistant with the SpokenWeb project at the University of Alberta, focusing on digital rights management and outreach. You can read some of my thoughts on the blog portion of this site, and listen to me interview guests on the Solarpunk Presents podcast.