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White tile with blue embellishments, and text in blue reading "God jowt de fugels de kost, mar hja moatte der om fleane"

Saviour Syndrome: thoughts-in-process

I’ve noticed a trend, lately, in a lot of the circles I move in or at least brush against, and it’s something I’m starting to label, since I’m coming across it so often. Help me think through this?

I’m calling it “saviour syndrome” because I’m coming across a lot of religious language and mythos from sources I would expect to be fully secular, or atheist, or at least agnostic or pagan or heavily critical of the Christian narrative. It’s frankly pretty puzzling at first, but given more thought and what I know about the origins of settler society on Turtle Island, it comes clear after a bit of thought. At least, to me. I want to know if I’m off-base or what I haven’t thought about, since this is grounded in my own experience as a cis, white, 3rd-gen Dutch settler woman who grew up in the Christian Reformed Church ethnoreligious community. So there’s a lot I might not be seeing. But this is what I have seen.

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sometimes i want a dictator – personal reflections on toxic love of authority

And that’s not a very easy admission for a feminist, left-leaning person who is getting more and more into anarchism as we move deeper and deeper into the crisis that is the *waves vaguely* … well, 2022.

I think back to August 2018 at the summer school in Utrecht when Rosi Braidotti taught us to beware of our inner fascist, explaining how we have to be on guard against our internal love of authority, as it is not a healthy love, but one that lends itself to codependency.

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