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Image of the top half of an A-frame old brick building covered in ivy. Bottom half of the picture has white text that reads "Urban Versus Rural Solarpunk"

Solarpunk Presents: Season Two

I cohost a podcast! Last season, we were with Solarpunk Magazine, but this year we’ve spun out on our own. You can check out season one here on our blog. Here’s the official spiel:

Solarpunk Presents explores the people and projects working on bringing us a better world today. In this podcast, hosts Ariel Kroon and Christina De La Rocha interview people who are doing work in the here and now that will help us get to a solarpunk future and talk to each other about the visions of a sustainable equitable future integral to solarpunk and about issues we’re curious about within the movement or genre of solarpunk.

Connect with us on Mastodon at https://climatejustice.rocks/@solarpunkpresents or Twitter https://twitter.com/SolarpunkP

Pretty neat, huh? This first episode is about rural vs urban solarpunk, which is a treat – I live a very urban life, whereas Christina lives in rural Germany, so we discuss some of the solarpunk #aesthetic circulating that invokes a lifestyle in a future that is either very cottagecore or full of skyscrapers (with plants on them).

Do you have a solarpunk vision for the future? Are you working on making your location a more sustainable, livable place in the now? Let us know!