Dark night of the soul

It’s Good Friday, so I feel this is an appropriate theme for the day. From the category description:

“In religious circles, the phrase “dark night of the soul” indicates a stretch of time (not necessarily a single night; it can be much longer) when one is undergoing a crisis of faith and feeling utterly abandoned. For the non-religious, this can translate into a crisis of identity, of meaning, etc.

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On consuming (animal products) ethically

A thing I’m doing is eating less meat. To be fair, I always have done so – I was an economic vegetarian until quite recently (meaning that meat is expensive and difficult to make well, so I just didn’t really bother buying much for myself, though I ate meat whenever it was provided to me by family/friends/restaurants), and after a brief period of eating lots of bison and beef (because Alberta), I’ve started to reduce again. I’m still not at the point where I refuse it if offered, but I’m dabbling in only ordering vegan/vegetarian options when I can, and only prepping vegan/vegetarian options for myself at home.

Just a note, before we get into it: these actions are a result of my personal attitude and positioning. Avoiding animal products can be spendy,1 and depends mightily on where you are located, your culture, your family, your allergies and likes/dislikes…. food is so personal and so tightly bound up with identity.

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sometimes i want a dictator – personal reflections on toxic love of authority

And that’s not a very easy admission for a feminist, left-leaning person who is getting more and more into anarchism as we move deeper and deeper into the crisis that is the *waves vaguely* … well, 2022.

I think back to August 2018 at the summer school in Utrecht when Rosi Braidotti taught us to beware of our inner fascist, explaining how we have to be on guard against our internal love of authority, as it is not a healthy love, but one that lends itself to codependency.

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What to do with waste?

tl;dr is that it really depends on where you live as to what zero waste products are available and what end-of-life recycling and disposable programs there are for the region.

I’m not unaware of the problems of plastic. I’m also not unaware of the fact that the problem is generated by multibillion dollar companies and the fossil fuel industry, and that it will take collective action to change that. But I’m also keenly aware of the fact that our investment in using disposable products is not actually conscious and, for many, many people, not a choice that we have the power* to make.

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Some thoughts on grief

I think it can make people angry. I think sometimes, I might also have anger that comes from grief, bubbling under the surface. Despair seems to lead very easily towards frustration and anger at the situation. I think if anger is galvanizing and directed in the right ways, it can be very healthy. I do not want to turn the needle spray of my anger on to my fellow travellers, not at all, but I think sometimes that happens because I am too wholly wrapped in my own sorrow.

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Time-travelling at the speed of one minute per hour

Here is my typical New Years post, complete with goals. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to live more true to my values of sustainability, community, etc while living in an apartment building in the midst of a pandemic, wholly financially dependent on my significant other (for now) and kind of … well, chronically busted. Doing things takes energy, did you know? Energy that I now have to be careful about rationing out to myself.

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Talk: “From Cyberpunk to Solarpunk: The Evolution of the Future”

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that my talk “From Cyberpunk to Solarpunk: The Evolution of the Future” for PhilosophyCon 77: Aborted Carbon is live on YouTube. The subtitles are still processing, but I hope that won’t take too long. I really enjoyed researching and creating this video, although I’m still not great at video editing – in this regard I have, as Jenna Marbles has said, a “too much” gene.

Community & Grieving

Eco-grieving, and eco-community, more specifically. I received a notification today on Facebook from The Edmonton Eco-Grief Support Circle that I am part of, and I wondered if there were such communities for region where I have just moved to. I did a quick search, and it turns out that no, there don’t seem to be. However, there are some general eco-grief groups, and I wanted to put them here for posterity and also so that I have links to go back to and research when I have the time for it if I can (some are private).

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