A shot through a library window, showing a line of toy cars (with little painted eyes and expressions) on top of a wooden shelf. Off to the left there is a shelf of rows of books. White text in the bottom right reads "Libraries: A Community Endeavour with Don Gardner"

Solarpunk Presents 2.2

Second episode is OUT! From the description:

“Is there anything more solarpunk than public libraries? Serving at the heart of communities, they’re a place where anyone regardless of income, ability, race, class, or gender can go to read books, listen to music, use the internet, learn things, hear story hour, get out of the weather for a while, and ask librarians for information on just about anything, including what organizations to turn to for additional support in your life or endeavor. In Episode 2 of Season 2 of Solarpunk Presents, Christina talks to Don Gardner, a librarian for many years for the Salinas Public Libraries in Monterey County, California. Hear about how people rescued the library after the city council tried to close it down to save money, about what libraries can do for you and your community, and about what you can do for your local library.

Check out Salinas Public Libraries at https://salinaspubliclibrary.org/ and connect with them @salinaslibrary on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or @salinaspubliclibrary on Instagram and TikTok.”

I’ve been doing a lot of hooking up distribution in the backend for this podcast, so I hope it’s all flowing to everyone’s podcatchers directly. It’s less of a learning curve and more of just a lot of front-end work to get through; once it’s all running smoothly, I won’t have to go back in and adjust it (fingers crossed).

I’m still working on a transcript solution. A helpful audience member sent some suggestions and I’ve been so busy with other things that I haven’t been able to implement the code to generate transcripts. They’re coming! I personally hate when audio / videos do not have a transcript, as I read a LOT faster than watching/listening others’ presentations. I also would like to provide a searchable resource, and an accessible resource for those who are hard-of-hearing but interested in the week’s topic nonetheless.

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