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Image of the top half of an A-frame old brick building covered in ivy. Bottom half of the picture has white text that reads "Urban Versus Rural Solarpunk"

Solarpunk Presents: Season Two

I cohost a podcast! Last season, we were with Solarpunk Magazine, but this year we’ve spun out on our own. You can check out season one here on our blog. Here’s the official spiel:

Solarpunk Presents explores the people and projects working on bringing us a better world today. In this podcast, hosts Ariel Kroon and Christina De La Rocha interview people who are doing work in the here and now that will help us get to a solarpunk future and talk to each other about the visions of a sustainable equitable future integral to solarpunk and about issues we’re curious about within the movement or genre of solarpunk.

Connect with us on Mastodon at https://climatejustice.rocks/@solarpunkpresents or Twitter https://twitter.com/SolarpunkP

Pretty neat, huh? This first episode is about rural vs urban solarpunk, which is a treat – I live a very urban life, whereas Christina lives in rural Germany, so we discuss some of the solarpunk #aesthetic circulating that invokes a lifestyle in a future that is either very cottagecore or full of skyscrapers (with plants on them).

Do you have a solarpunk vision for the future? Are you working on making your location a more sustainable, livable place in the now? Let us know!

Time-travelling at the speed of one minute per hour

Here is my typical New Years post, complete with goals. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to live more true to my values of sustainability, community, etc while living in an apartment building in the midst of a pandemic, wholly financially dependent on my significant other (for now) and kind of … well, chronically busted. Doing things takes energy, did you know? Energy that I now have to be careful about rationing out to myself.

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Talk: “From Cyberpunk to Solarpunk: The Evolution of the Future”

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that my talk “From Cyberpunk to Solarpunk: The Evolution of the Future” for PhilosophyCon 77: Aborted Carbon is live on YouTube. The subtitles are still processing, but I hope that won’t take too long. I really enjoyed researching and creating this video, although I’m still not great at video editing – in this regard I have, as Jenna Marbles has said, a “too much” gene.

On what to do now

I had earlier been thinking about the post that I wanted to write here, but sadly I did the thing that all academics and writer-types do and decided that I was too sleepy/comfy to get up and put pen to paper and get that idea out of my head and anyway, I would surely remember it when I sat down to write it. Hubris is a disease.

I do have a concept for this internet space, now that I am a post-academic. I very much intend to stay involved with research, speaking, and other academic pursuits, though I have eschewed the traditional route of post-doctorate researcher – assistant – associate – full professor since that is far too much work for far too little pay and there are many, many people who are much more passionate about attaining academic standing and teaching future generations of humans. So I would like this space to feature what speaking I will be doing and any neat projects I may be involved with, but more specifically I would like to document my thoughts on … well, sustainability.

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the future is solarpunk

at least, it is for me.

i’m now a co-editor of the non-fiction section of the brand-new Solarpunk Magazine, which will be publishing our first issue January 2022. We’ve got a Kickstarter going Oct. 1-30 to fund as many issues as possible and I’m pretty excited for it. Check out the sweet video pitch for it:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywEn9C1W3ik]

Idk, I might get myself one of the tshirts.