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Time-travelling at the speed of one minute per hour

Here is my typical New Years post, complete with goals. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to live more true to my values of sustainability, community, etc while living in an apartment building in the midst of a pandemic, wholly financially dependent on my significant other (for now) and kind of … well, chronically busted. Doing things takes energy, did you know? Energy that I now have to be careful about rationing out to myself.

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Community & Grieving

Eco-grieving, and eco-community, more specifically. I received a notification today on Facebook from The Edmonton Eco-Grief Support Circle that I am part of, and I wondered if there were such communities for region where I have just moved to. I did a quick search, and it turns out that no, there don’t seem to be. However, there are some general eco-grief groups, and I wanted to put them here for posterity and also so that I have links to go back to and research when I have the time for it if I can (some are private).

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On what to do now

I had earlier been thinking about the post that I wanted to write here, but sadly I did the thing that all academics and writer-types do and decided that I was too sleepy/comfy to get up and put pen to paper and get that idea out of my head and anyway, I would surely remember it when I sat down to write it. Hubris is a disease.

I do have a concept for this internet space, now that I am a post-academic. I very much intend to stay involved with research, speaking, and other academic pursuits, though I have eschewed the traditional route of post-doctorate researcher – assistant – associate – full professor since that is far too much work for far too little pay and there are many, many people who are much more passionate about attaining academic standing and teaching future generations of humans. So I would like this space to feature what speaking I will be doing and any neat projects I may be involved with, but more specifically I would like to document my thoughts on … well, sustainability.

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