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Eco-grieving, and eco-community, more specifically. I received a notification today on Facebook from The Edmonton Eco-Grief Support Circle that I am part of, and I wondered if there were such communities for region where I have just moved to. I did a quick search, and it turns out that no, there don’t seem to be. However, there are some general eco-grief groups, and I wanted to put them here for posterity and also so that I have links to go back to and research when I have the time for it if I can (some are private).

It is important in the Anthropocene to have a sense of shared community when grieving for the world we are in the process of losing. It is nobody’s fault, and everyone’s fault. We are complicit in the system of environmental degradation by default because we were born and bred into it, and it is the way that we are disciplined to function by whatever-stage capitalist society this is. We are conditioned to support the continued violation of the earth by the 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, because many of us literally cannot afford to seek alternatives to lining Bezos’ pockets, or supporting shitty corporations like Wal-Mart.

Anyway, here’s that list of eco-grief communities on Facebook:

Also interesting to me is that, peppered into this search, were so many small groups of less than 100 or so members, all posting about living eco-friendly lives, many sponsored by little tiny startups focusing on composting or sustainable alternative goods. So many people want to help. A few of the results were very large groups about living in eco-friendly, sustainable communities, and I want to post those here for further research as well. Taking action to align your way of life, domicile, etc with living lightly on the earth and with its beings is one way that humans react to the eco-grief and solastalgia of the Anthropocene, and it’s very heartening to see concrete evidence of that.

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